The discovery of a covid-19 vaccine should mean good news to the whole world as it means everyone and everyone gets to go back to what was once considered normal. But this return to normalcy is a blessing to some and a curse to others. Surprising right? Who would have thought that such welcomed development would be adverse to some industries and sectors, one of which is the investment asset classes?
    Gold, equity, and debt funds are investment classes that may not fare very well in the wake of a normalized world. This is how the investment classes would perform and what you should do in preparation for any eventuality.

    No asset class can move in a straight line in perpetuity, and the pandemic has hugely supported the price of gold. It is only logical to expect that the price will correct and go back to what it used to be when there is no pandemic.
    The price of gold hit its highest on 7th August as the pandemic raged on, but there was a decline when the announcement for the discovery of a newly approved vaccine.

    The equity market has experienced lots of ebb and flow during the pandemic. By March it fell from a peak that was recorded in January. There has been a healthy recovery between March and August. With equity, it is expected that it will react positively to an approved vaccine's news but not for long.
    The eventuality of a vaccine being released and approved for covid-19 has already factored by the market even though there is no certainty of when it will be released. Investors' advice is that investors stay true to their asset allocation if they must navigate the volatility.

    The predicted immediate response for debt investments is an increase in bond yields because central banks may not have a need to buy bonds. According to a fund managers, central banks will not quickly hike the interest rates even though they stop buying the bond yields.
    It is also expected that some debt products like bank fixed deposits are expected to keep providing low-interest rates even though interest rates are not likely to rise in the near future.
    The topmost priority for most governments around the world is to discover a vaccine for the coronavirus in the shortest time possible. The result of an eventual discovery and approval of a vaccine is volatility in a lot of investment asset classes. It is best that to navigate these times; you should employ and heed the advice of experts. This would help you to make sure that you invest in the appropriate products.