Of course, you can change jobs during a pandemic. In fact, it is an open window to increase the progress of your career, but before you jump into such decision, you must first consider the following;

    1. Compare Your Current Company And Role To The Potential

    This should be your first step before you consider leaving your current workplace. Access yourself by asking these questions;
    Do I like my job?
    • Do I like this company?
    • Does my current organisation value my input?
    • Are there any opportunities to progress within my current workplace?
    • What would my current organisation do in economic difficulties?
    If 90% of the answers to the above assessment is positive, then your current workplace is the best place to be. Sometimes during recessions, what you think is the best/safest career option may turn out to be the riskiest.

    2. The Financial Background Of Your Potential Workplace
    The news is a great place to begin your investigation; if the company you are eyeing has got pre-COVID-19 financial problems, then it will be on the news or online. Consider the financial position of the company – is it cost-cutting or making investments?
    Quick note: If then you make it to the interview, do not hesitate to ask your employer the impact of current activities on the financial status of the company. Also, inquire about the company’s plans; all these will guide you on whether the company is in a recession or financially buoyant.

    3. The Impact Of A Global Lockdown On The Organisation
    Though it is believed that global lockdown as a result of a pandemic can deplete the progress of a company, but some businesses flourish exceedingly in this period. Businesses that concentrate on financial services, food, online retail and technology do not feel the impact of a lockdown compare to sectors dealing with property, leisure, hospitality and travel; these sectors would suffer greatly.
    Now it seems your options are limited, but businesses prone to suffering during a lockdown can pass for a potential job switch only if they pass point number two.

    4. What Are The Implications Of Your Role?
    The role you play in a company is vital. Do you presume your role as luxury, core function or revenue-generating?
    If it is a core function role, then you should be confident the company will do their best to keep you happy even with a lockdown.
    Now, if it is a revenue-generating role, the ball falls in your court. How? You have to meet the expected revenue no matter the economic condition and being a newly employed won’t get you “goodwill” anytime soon. On the other hand, if you do not fall under these two critical roles, then during a recession, you will become a luxury the company cannot afford.

    Quick Conclusion

    Should you change jobs during a pandemic? Yes, but do not turn a blind eye to these four points and at the same time be vigilant to a great opportun